Bee Mine Curly Butter: Our Favorite Styling Product

The amazing Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter !

I would like to tell all of you about my favorite styling product to date for D’s hair. Although D’s hair is curly, it is also thin and very fine, so it can be hard to keep styles in for any length of time. Since finding this all-natural, creamy holding product , we have been able to keep styles in for up to a week! Beats spending a lot of time on a style only to have to restyle the next day!

Bee Mine Curly Butter ReviewBee Mine Curly Butter

We have been using this product since October 2010. Its all natural ingredients and creamy texture do not make her hair stiff or crunchy and it does not dry her hair out, like most hair gels. It has amazing hold and I recommend this product to keep all those little fuzzies at bay and help styles last! Take a look at the braided veil style and this wash and go, both we did using the Bee Hold Curly Butter.

What are some of your favorite styling products?

To order this or any other wonderful product by Bee Mine visit their website and use our discount code UTHM15 (or check the sidebar for updated codes) to receive 10% off your order!!

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