Natural Hair Growth and Retaining Length

Natural Hair Growth and Retaining Length

Natural Hair Growth and Length Retention

D’s hair has reached butt length! I knew it was getting longer, but had no idea it was already down to her butt when stretched. Just this past November she had her hair straightened and trimmed and her hair was several inches from being this length. Below is a collage and timeline of D’s length throughout her natural hair care journey.

Natural Hair Growth and Retaining Length

You can see in November of 2009 her hair was at shoulder length, almost a year later it was just past shoulder length. October 2010 was when we first discovered and started using Bee Mine Natural Hair Care Products and really started learning about properly caring for natural hair (read more about our natural hair care journey). You can see she gained quit a bit of length from Oct 2010 to Sept 2011 and up until April 2012. So, how did we achieve this hair growth and retain the length? I credit the growth and length retention primarily to:

If you are looking for natural hair care products, I recommend the Bee Mine line, right now you can get 10% off your order by using our reader discount code, COLDUTHM, on orders over $15.

So, what are you doing to improve the health of your or your child’s hair to promote growth and retain length?


  1. Precious Curls says:

    Amazing growth!!

  2. goldilocksnme says:

    Wow!! The growth is so drastic! Such growth and retention in 3 years. AND it’s long and HEALTHY! You are doing it right, momma!

  3. goldilocksnme says:

    Meant to say “less” than 3 years, lol

  4. Diva Locks says:

    great progress!

  5. We have just started adding Coconut oil to our routine. Have looked at the Bee Mine line and am thinking of adding it to our routine.

  6. Katherine G says:

    Great job!! Her hair looks great!!

  7. Kelley Johnsen says:

    She has beautiful hair! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Adina says:

    wow, very interesting, keep sharing these things with us

  9. Angelica C says:

    Her hair is gorgeous! I need to do some back reading to learn some tips and secrets to use for my daughter’s hair.

  10. Sandra Beeman says:

    Now as I am getting older, my hair seems to grow very, very quickly. I’m wondering if this is another function og aging?

  11. Natale says:

    Your daughter’s hair is beautiful. I am trying to find products that will help my daughter’s hair to grow. I am also trying to find a great conditioner.

  12. Shelly Robinson says:

    That’s awesome! Thanks for turning us onto Bee Mine products. :-)

  13. LaShauna Gaines says:

    WOW!! Major growth for D!! Besides bee mine, what other product would you recommend for moisturizing that could be used on both fine and medium coarse hair?

    • Brooke says:

      Hi LaShauna, the only moisturizer I use on D aside from Bee Mine is Belle Butters, it is much thicker/heavier and I only use it on protective braids in the winter. My husband has medium hair and likes Shea Moisture Styling Milk, a lot, but D’s fine hair did not agree with it. I use the Cara B hair mist and leave in on my sons hair. I hope that helps!

  14. Excellent growth. I wish I knew more about caring for natural hair when my daughter was little. She’s 18 now but I relaxed her hair when she was 5 :-( Didn’t know what else to do. She has a tight curl pattern and i have a loose curl pattern so I had no idea what to do.

    Now, she’s working on going natural but has a bit of a disdain for having kinky hair. She likes it big and curly but doesn’t like that she can’t straighten easily when she wants it straight – said she likes it straight sometimes.

    • Brooke says:

      I knew NOTHING about hair, I actually started searching online for cute hairstyles and then realized that I wasn’t taking care of her hair properly…thus the hair journey began.


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