Lady Gaga Hairbow Hairstyle with Video Tutorial

As I mentioned in our last hairstyle post, D got her hair straightened and trimmed recently. With her hair being straight I thought it would be a great time to try the Lady Gaga hair bow style we’ve been wanted to do for the longest but never got around to. D’s dance recital was coming up and one of her groups dance to a Lady Gaga song and I thought it would be a fitting style. It didn’t work out for the dance recital, but she did wear the style to her dress rehearsal and the girls swooned over the style!

Here is a shot of her with her straightened natural hair before we started the style:

natural hair care for kids

And here is our Lady Gaga Bow:


For this style I used the Lady Gaga Video Tutorial from friend and fellow blogger Goldilocks n Me, it is a helpful video and super easy to follow.


I simply parted our a square on top of her hair to use as the ponytail to create the bow.

Lady Gaga Hair style

Lady Gaga Hair Bow Hairstyle

The hair piece she is wearing is part of her dance costume, so I had to incorporate it in the style for dress rehearsal to see how it would hold up.

Lady Gaga Hairbow styleLady Gaga Hairbow stylewith colored hair extensions

Lady Gaga Hair and Dance Costume

I didn’t use any hair spray so the bow didn’t last too well through her dances and rehearsal, plus with her being up on stage it was hard to make our that she even had a Lady Gaga hair bow style so I decided to do a different dance hairstyle for the actual recital and that post will be coming up soon.




  1. I have a tutorial to do this as well, I just have to get bobby pins. I think its a super cute hair style

  2. Ashleigh Walls says:

    That is such a cute look! I am hoping for a girl someday so I can do things like this.

  3. Ashley S says:

    What fun! Love her outfit and new ‘do :)

  4. Tazim says:

    I like how the colors match the skirt!

  5. goldilocksnme says:

    Ok, cutest recital costume ever! I love all the colors, my daughter would flip for all of those colored hair braids. Super-cute hair!

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you! I totally flipped over the hair piece when her costume came in, lol, loved it!

  6. Diva Locks says:

    So cute I love it, it’s the perfect bow :)

  7. Katherine G says:

    The hairstyle and her are very beautiful!!!

  8. krystel says:

    AWW so cute

  9. Krissy says:

    Love the Lady Gaga hair bow! It really is so cute! I don’t know if I would ever be able to do it myself, even with the help of the tutorial video, but hopefully someone who is selling wholesale girls hair accessories will have a bow that looks like I did it with my own hair. Oh! The ‘do was so cute!

  10. That is so cute! And your daughter is gorgeous, mama!

  11. ShellyR says:

    I love this! Can’t wait until we can try it out!!!!

  12. krystle says:

    Oh my gosh so cute I love it, thanks for the video!