Hairstyle Contributor Mo Plaits: Circle Cornrow Tutorial


Hola! Bonjour! Annyeonghaseyo! Guten Tag! Hello!!! Mo Plaits Fan Page here to shed light on not only our family life, but how we came to be!! Being a family of four has been such a blessing in itself! Starting off with the parents, my Name is Tanya and I go by Mo. Daddy is T, and our babies are Princess A (4 yrs old) and Big C (2 yrs old). While serving in the US Army I had acquired the nickname ‘MoCrib’ from a Drill Sergeant of mine. My maiden name was Morehouse, so my Drill Sergeant broke it down into Mo Crib!! This is where ‘Mo Plaits’ comes into the picture! I have always been a stylist in my eyes and having Princess A has just taken my fingers to a whole new level. We are extremely excited, and thankful nonetheless for being featured as a hairstyle contributor on Untrained Hair Mom’s blog!! You will see many styles, and how to’s for them. Please sit back and enjoy the show!!

With all our love and talent,
The Knowles Family!!

mo plaits


The first Hairstyle Tutorial from Mo Plaits is for Circle Cornrows

circle cornrow hairstyle how tocornrows in a circle pattern

Items needed:

You will need a rat tail comb/ small toothed comb, styling gel, water spray gun, and elastics for a secure hold! Ballies, barrettes, and beads are optional!

How To:

Step 1 Wet hair with water and apply a generous amount of styling gel.

Step 2 Take the end of comb and start your part from crown of head, drag comb all the way down towards end of hair line.

Step 3 Pin hair back, cornrow sectioned hair. (If you’re new to cornrowing be sure to check out our Cornrowing for Beginners post).

Step 4 For next cornrow, take end of comb and place it directly next to where the last cornrow ended, this will give the circle effect.

Step 5 Once all hair is cornrowed, braid the cornrows around head and secure end of braid with elastic. Remember for extra flare and pizzazz you may add beads or a cute set of ballies to the ends.

circle cornrowscircle cornrows

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  1. Why hello there! =)

  2. Jae Mac says:

    Very cute! I never learned to cornrow hair and my daughter is now 15 and prefers to wear straight styles.
    Jae Mac, I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

  3. Char~ says:

    Hey Hey Hey!! Excited to see more amazing styles from you!!

  4. Jade y says:

    I have never breaded hair or French breaded or cornrowed hair before but need to learn how I have messed kids that need to have there hair done please help me.


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