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natural hair care routine
*Last Updated 11/23/2013

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A good hair care routine and regimen is important for the  health, growth and length retention of hair. Since we have began to learn and try out products we have discovered what works, what doesn’t and how to properly care for my biracial daughter’s kinky-curly hair. D’s hair hasn’t always been long or in the best shape…it has been quite the journey to get where we are today. I want to share with you her routine, the products use and what we use them for. We alternative the products in her routine and below you will find our routine and a list of our favorite products with links to some of the reviews we’ve done. Be sure to check out our Natural Hair Care Must-Haves Checklist, too. love Bee Mine Products, you can find them at ,
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D’s hair is pretty fine all over aside from the hair in front and on the sides of her hair line. She gets her hair washed once a week, I only wash her scalp, massaging the shampoo in with my fingertips. I thoroughly rinse her hair, then apply conditioner, I try to do the majority of  the detangling when the conditioner is in her hair in the shower,  by gently working any tangles out with my fingers. Once she is out of the shower we use a leave-in and a wide tooth comb to further detangle, then we moisturize and seal. Depending on the type of style I am wanted to do I either style it or band or braid it for the night, to stretch out the curls and style the next day.

banded hair

I prefer banding her hair if I am going to do some type of cornrow style. Her styles usually last 1-7 days, depending on what type of style it is. Throughout the week I will keep her hair moisturized by adding more leave-in or using a moisturizing spritz. She also typically sleeps in a satin bonnet/sleep cap as well as on a satin pillow case, this helps maintain the style by lessening frizz and tangles.

Quick recap:

Shampoo–>Condition–>Detangle with a Leave-In–>Moisturize–>Seal with a Natural Oil–>(Band Hair Over Night)
–> Style with Styling Aid–>Moisturize Throughout the Week

Regular Products in our Routine:

>> Bee Mine Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo or Bee Mine Clarifying Bar

>>Bee Mine Avocado Cream
>> Aussie Moist (for conditioner only washes and detangling when needed)
 >> Bee Mine Deep Conditioner

Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk

>> Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream

Styling Aid’s
>> Bee Mine Curly Butter

Moisturizing Sprays
>> Bee Mine Juicy Spritz


Oil to Seal With
Coconut Oil
>> Homeade Hair Care Essential Oil Mix

When using rubber bands for styling, I soak them in olive oil or coconut oil for about 24 hours prior to using them (if the rubber band usage was planned, if not I dip them in the oil and coat her ends good before I put them in) this provides the hair with more protection from the dry, damaging rubber bands. I also cut the bands out with a small pair of nail scissors, also less damaging than pulling the bands out,  just be careful not to cut the hair. Don’t forget check out our Hair Care Must- Haves checklist and use our Bee Mine discount to get your natural hair care products, today! Check our right sidebar for the current Bee Mine Products reader discount code to save 10% ! Need hairstyle ideas? See our Hairstyle Tutorials.

Well, that’s the hair care routine of Little D, if you have any questions, concerns, or tips feel free to contact me!