Double Crown Braid with Donut Bun Tutorial

double crown braid bun tutorial

Remember this double crown braid with donut bun hairstyle that was featured in our Braiding Is Art Center Stage Post? (There are many more adorable hairstyles in that post, be sure to take a look). Several people asked for a tutorial on the style and Cynthia the hairstylist behind Braiding is Art was generous enough to provide us with a video tutorial on the double crown braid with donut bun hairstyle, which you can find below. I’ve also created a step by step how to with photo’s below as well.

styling tools needed

Items needed for this style include:

-Rat tail comb
-Rubber bands
-Bobbie pins
-Hair Clip
-Hair Tie
-Styling / Holding Product of choice
-Sock bun / donut bun styler

Step by Step How To:

Step 1: Part out a circle and tie of the middle section of hair
Step 2: Create a French braid around the crown, only adding hair from the bottom side
Step 3: Continue braiding around the crown, tuck the loose/end of the braid into the French braid, secure it with pins
Step 4: Part out a second circle, put the center section of hair in a pony tail (this will be your donut bun)
Step 5: Place the donut bun / sock bun around the pony tail
Step 6: Cover the donut with hair leaving a section of hair out (you will add this hair to the second French braid)
Step 7: Begin French braiding the remaining loose hair  
Step 8: Continue French braiding, adding in the hair coming from the center of the sock bun
Step 9: Keep braiding, then tuck the loose braid into the French braid and secure it with pins
Step 10: All done! Use your styling product for smoothing any fly aways

 Double Crown Braid with Donut Bun Tutorial 

Double Crown Braid with Donut Bun Tutorial Video:


See the Spanish version of this tutorial


A big thanks to Cynthia from dluxhairnmakeup for sharing this hairstyle tutorial with us. You can find her on YouTube at dluxhairnmakeup.

double crown braid bun tutorial

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  1. Diva Locks says:

    I love that style, thanks for the detailed post, maybe I will attempt this on my hair… day lol

  2. That is just too pretty and perfect for a wedding or some other special event. I have almost all of those things right in my house now! Great post.

  3. Katherine G says:

    I love this style!! It is so cute!!

  4. omg I love this style. It’s def not just for kids either! I wonder if I could do it on my hair. I may need to straighten to do it. I’m printing this out for future ref lol

  5. LaTrese says:

    Just beautiful. I found iur Easter hairstyle 😉

  6. LaTrese says:

    “OUR” lol

  7. Wow. I LOVE it!
    I will have to try with my daughter.

  8. This is beautiful. I’m definitely going to try this with my own hair… might add some length for an even fuller look.

  9. Ashley T says:

    Thanks for posting this! I love this hair style! Makes me want a little girl t try it on. :)

  10. mae agnes says:

    amazing hairstyle!!! i love following Cindy of @braiding_is_art too!!! she’s an amazing “Braid guru”!!

  11. manda says:

    wow! this is beyond gorgeous! i could only dream of having the ability to do hair like that. your daughter is very lucky. :)

  12. Wow! It’s beautiful. This is the perfect hair style fir a flower girl!

  13. Violetta says:

    WOW i came across this as i’m looking at hairstyle to do for my 3 daughters for a wedding….
    This is amazing i will be trying this for sure only problem i think is my girls hair is really really long. my eldest (8 years old) daughters hair is up to her knees and my other 2 girls (7 & 5 year olds) is just under their bottoms, do you think it will work???

  14. kimberly says:

    WOW this is beautiful. I love it. I want to have my hair do like this. Too cute!!!

  15. janae says:

    this is how im getting my hair tomorrow for prom i love it!!!!


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