Cute Holiday Hairstyles

We have used Curlformers several times and we love them! They make for some very cute holiday hairstyles  (Reflect on our original Curlformers review, D’s Mothers’ Day Criss Cross Headband Curlformers’ Hairstyle and my short hairstyle done with Curlformers). We brought out the Curlformers twice last month for the holidays. First for Christmas photos and again for her Christmas Day style.

I did the first style with our long and wide set, but as it turned out her hair has grown a lot since we used them last and I actually had to double up on the Curlformers, lol, I used every single long and wide curler and all of our short and wide curlers to ensure all of her hair was going to be curled. I did this set on damp hair using Bee Mine Curly Butter (use discount code UTHM12HOT to get 10% off Bee Mine Products).

Cute Holiday Hairstyles

Curlformers Styles and Review

And it worked! Here are some photos from the Christmas shoot:Cute Hairstyles for the Holidays
Cute Hairstyles for Girls

By the time Christmas rolled around we had gotten our Extra Long and Wide styling kit and used it. For this set I pulled her hair half up and used some of our Curling Custard.

Curlformers styling kit reviewCurlformers setCute Hairstyles for the HolidaysHow did your little ones wear their hair for Christmas?

Cute Curlformers Hairstyles for the Holidays

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  1. D looks fabulous with her curls! The Curling Custard left her so shiny!

  2. Her hair looks beautiful!!

  3. Her hair looks gorgeous! She is a walking advertisement for those Curlformers. :)

  4. Diva Locks says:

    Love curls, they look amazing!

  5. DeDa Studios says:

    Very Cute! Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you all and happy 2012!

  7. Brooke Uhm says:

    Thank you all and happy 2012!

  8. Beautiful! I've gotta get some more so I can do that 1st hairstyle you did in the red dress. Beauty!

  9. Unknown says:

    She looks fabulous!! What a neat tool!

  10. The Image Diva says:

    She looks amazing!! Great profile on the product!

  11. So cute! I love it!

  12. Shawna says:

    OMG! I must try those. Entered the giveaway too!

  13. Curlformers poster child, OK?!?! Love!!

  14. Nikki says:

    Those are really neat!! They look much easier than using a curling iron. I'm hair-styling challenged, so I'm all for anything that makes being pretty significantly easier!

  15. Mama M says:

    Wow, what pretty, shiny curls. Beautiful!!

  16. royalegacy says:

    What lovely curls! Why, she's a little beauty queen!

  17. BraidwithMe says:

    Her hair looks great! And the pics are so pretty!! We had the same problem with Anisa's being too long for the Curlformers. Luckily I was able to make it work as well.

  18. Very pretty!! Her hair turned out amazing!


  19. Very pretty!! Her hair turned out amazing!Char~

  20. Very pretty!! Her hair turned out amazing!


  21. Very pretty!! Her hair turned out amazing!Char~

  22. Beautiful! Her hair is super shiny!

  23. I love this – wonder if my 13 year old would let me use them in her hair lol

  24. Her hair looks fabulous! Pretty soon her hair is going to outgrow those extra long ones! 😀

  25. Mina Slater says:

    Wow, her hair looks gorgeous in both styles. It turned out picture perfect! I'm tempted to try these Curl formers myself!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Best giveaway ever!!!!!!

  27. Curly Hairdo Ideas says:

    So beautiful! I can't wait to try curlformers someday!!


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