Curlformers Giveaway


Curlformers is partnering with us to giveaway 3 styling kits!!!

For your chance to win simply visit all 12 blogs participating in this month’s Hair Carnival…in each post you will discover a letter. The secret letters will combine to make a secret phrase that is the required entry for this giveaway.

There is one letter on each blog, and the letters are listed on the blogs in order they appear in the phrase. For example, the first blog has the first letter, the ninth blog has the ninth letter, and so on.

Once you find all of the letters, you will need to combine them into the secret phrase that is the mandatory entry into the grand prize giveaway!

So go grab those letters and fill in the blanks:

_ _ _ _ _     _ _ _     _ _ _ _

This giveaway is over! See the winner page under the giveaway tab above for winner announcements



  1. Great Giveaway – I always want curls

  2. Shawna says:

    When I try to ReTweet for that entry it says the page does not exist!

  3. It should work now…thanks for letting me know

  4. Brooke Uhm says:

    It should work now…thanks for letting me know

  5. adry says:

    fatto tutto

  6. Florinda says:

    Joined! :) Finger crossed! 😉

  7. piukina says:

    enter me ^^

  8. ShiningLittle Star says:

    done,fingers crossed!

  9. denny says:

    everything done…enter me pleaese =)

  10. nadz890118 says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck all!!

  11. iloveavianna says:


  12. camp3369 says:

    Couldn't get rafflecopter to work. I went through all pages. happy new year!!
    please enter me

  13. ruthie1019 says:

    rafflecopter is not working, the phrase is “happy new year”

  14. naturalove says:

    I tried to enter but it won't let me.
    happy new year.

  15. pissed says:

    I tried to enter but it won't let me.happy new year.

  16. Hi “pissed”, if you would leave you name and email I would be happy enter you into the giveaway, just has I have done for the other who are experiencing problems with the form

  17. naturalove says:

    Thank you!!
    kimberly brooks
    happy new year

    thanks again

  18. pissed says:

    Thank you!!kimberly brookskymalee@gmail.comhappy new yearthanks again

  19. Dee W says:
  20. I too am having trouble entering!
    here is my info for you to enter me please
    FB: Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher
    “Happy New Year”
    My tweet:!/ShannonGallagh2/status/158737141332049920
    PICKET FENCE vote:

    GFC as shannon gallagher (no capital letters)
    Google+ Shannon Gallagher
    Twitter: @ShannonGallagh2
    email: lovescrissangel at hotmail dot com
    also retweeted!

  21. following GFC (Blogger) as Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher

  22. BraidwithMe says:

    Congrats to the winners!!!!