Center Stage: Jaleea

cornrow updo hairstyle

Mother- Shannon Calmese
Daugther- Jaleea Calmese
Age– Jaleea is currently 4 years old.
Hobbies– She loves to sing, color, read, watch television, dress up, and play with princess toys.
Favorite Styles– Braids

triangle part braids

When I first got asked for a Center Stage Feature I had no idea what to do. I am not an expert. I am still learning everyday myself. I only try to keep my daughters hair presentable, while teaching her to embrace her hair. I do have some styles posted on my Facebook page. I really only create them so I can remember how to restyle the hair that particular way or give others ideas. If I find people want instructions on a particular style then I will be more than happy to create a instructional post, just message Untrained Hair Mom with your request. Thanks in advance for reading.

criss cross hair style

Hair care routine– Man, I would have to write a novel to cover this! I am sure Untrained Hair Mom has an article for each routine out there. The basics: Deep condition, wash weekly or every other week, hot oil treatments, protein treatments, finger detangling etc.

heart hairstyle

Hair Products

I am what they call a “product junkie”. I am not on the search for a magical product. I just get curious about what is out there (in other words someone is marketing really well). I usually give the products 2 weeks before deciding yay or nay. I have tried everything from the all natural route to chemicals. One thing I have never done is put a perm on Jaleea’s hair (and it’s not on my list of things to do).

Products I love
Unrefined Shea butter, tea tree oil, castor oil, argan oil, vitamin e oil, avocado oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner, African Royal products (Fro Spray, Brx Braid and Extentions), Shea Moisture products, Eco Styler gel, Hot Six Oil Hair and Body Mist for greasing the scalp or oiling the hair, Cantu Butter Super Shine Hair Silk to make hair look extra shiny,

Products that don’t work for us
Aloe Vera Juice (shedding), cantu butter leave in repair cream (left clumps), kids organics soft hold olive oil conditioning smoothing and styling gel for baby hair/ bangs (not enough hold), palmers olive oil formula (too greesy but great for my son), flax seed gel-(too annoying to make and not as good as a hold as eco styler)

How to Know if a Product Isn’t Working
Shedding/Breakage- If you notice excessive shedding or lots of extra hair when washing then
change your routine. This means the product is not working for you. A trick I learned from Kandy Land Kurls-If your hair has a white bulb on the end then it is considered normal shedding. If there is no white bulb on the end then it is breakage.

cornrows puffs beads hairstyle
Love this style? See our Criss Cross Cornrow Tutorial.

Hair Care Tips

1. Learn to block the negative comments or stares out! I get some nasty stares from time to time but I just dismiss them. They are not worth me going to jail over.
2. Always research your information before you assume anyone knows what they are talking about. I have learned more from a Facebook hair group I am in than any stylist I’ve ever talked to. Just because someone has the same texture as your child’s hair does not make him or her an expert.
3. If you decide to cut or trim the hair, I believe straightening it is the only way to evenly cut it. I have seen many people screw up kids hair because they cut it while in the completely curly stage-wet, etc.
4. Apply the LOC or LCO method per your hair type. We apply it daily sometimes twice depending on the weather. (L-liquid, O-Oil, C-cream/conditioner) If you feel the hair is still sucking up moisture apply it twice daily.
5. Do not jump on the hair bandwagon. Everyone is going to have an opinion. Do what you feel is best for you or your child. Do not feel guilty about not having all natural hair products. As you can see I love many types of products and my child’s hair is healthy.
6. Invest in a water bottle spray-(I usually mix a leave in conditioner, oil, and water) Spray on the hair every time you brush. Never brush the hair dry. This will eliminate a lot of breakage.
7. Protect the hair at all times-It will not only keep the hair from breaking but also help stretch your hairstyle.
8. Do not get discouraged when your child hair is not as long as another child his or her age. Our hair all grows at different rates. I am still waiting for my daughter to have long hair but I try to obsess more over it being healthy. Look back at some old pictures. I love to create a style I have not done for a long time and compare it to a year ago etc. This helps boost my confidence that her hair is growing.
8. If you need some hair encouragement….Join a hair group or post your styles on some some hair websites on Facebook. Surely someone will fall in love with them and offer positive feedback!

kids cornrow style
spider cornrows
twist out hairstyle

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  1. Adorable little princess!! I love her little baby hairs :)))

  2. Tav says:

    I wanna put her in my pocket and take her home with me! Beautiful styles to match a beautiful girl!