Dry Scalp vs Dandruff or Cradle Cap: Natural Treatments

Dry Scalp vs Dandruff or Cradle Cap Natural treatments

Dry Scalp vs Dandruff or Cradle Cap

It is a common misconception that dry scalp and dandruff are the same thing. They are not. Dry scalp is… well dry. Dandruff is the result of an oily scalp, and is also called cradle cap when it affects babies. Both dry scalp and dandruff can cause flakes and an itchy scalp, but it is important to distinguish dry scalp vs dandruff or cradle cap in order to determine what treatment is needed. Dandruff or cradle cap is caused by overactive sebaceous glands and keeping the scalp oiled with this condition can make it worse. Dry scalp on the other hand can be effectively treated with moisturizing oils.

We’ve experienced all three in our household, my son has had cradle cap off and on since he was born, my daughters scalp occasionally gets dry and from time to time I get dandruff.

Dandruff and Cradle Cap Treatments

Generally no treatment is needed for cradle cap, babies typically outgrow the condition. You can, however, use a little bit a of olive or coconut oil (I know, I know, I said no oils, just be sure to wash it out) on the affected area for about 15 minutes to help loosen the scales, then use a comb or brush to gently removed them and wash the oil out with a mild shampoo. Do not scrape or pick the scales off because more than likely hair will come out as well, causing hair loss.

cradle cap scale hair loss natural treatment


Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for Dandruff
You can also try doing an ACV rinse or Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.
-Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar add 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle
-Spray directly on your scalp then gently massage in to loosen up any build up
-After 3 minutes rinse well with cold water.
This is a tip I saw on the Naturally Beautiful Fan Page.

Brown Sugar Treatment for Dandruff
I’ve also read about (but never tried) using brown sugar for dandruff. If you’ve tried all the dandruff shampoos that you can buy and still your dandruff persists, try out this homemade treatment instead:
-Mix two parts of brown sugar with one part conditioner
-Apply the mix to the scalp
-Leave on for about 3 minutes

Essential Oils for Dandruff
You can also create a mixture of an essential oil that is effective in treating dandruff and pretty much any carrier oil. Refer to our list of essential oils for hair care to see which essential oils are best for dandruff.

Dandruff Shampoo
If all else fails dandruff can be often also be treated with a sulfate / dandruff shampoo such as Head and Shoulders, using this dandruff shampoo once a week is usually enough. I typically don’t have to use Head and Shoulders a whole lot, maybe once a month or so, if it gets too bad.  (This one isn’t a natural treatment.)

Natural treatments for dry scalp flakes


Dry Scalp Treatments

Moisturizing the Scalp

A few weeks ago I noticed D’s scalp was getting a little dry and flakey, I knew it couldn’t be that she had dandruff so it must be dry scalp.  I promptly went to our favorite hair care products website, Bee Mine, to order some of their Bee Lovely website to treat her dry scalp. I massage this into her scalp after washed and several times a week. It works wonders. This product contains shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and a blend or essential oils. You can get it (and any other Bee Mine product from their website and receive 10% off by using our reader discount code UTHMFALL.

hair scalp treatment

Essential Oils for Dry Scalp
You can also make your own mixture by using an essential oil that is effective in treating dry scalp and pretty much any carrier oil. Refer to our list of essential oils for hair care to see which essential oils are best for dry scalp.


Do you know of a treatment that is not listed above? Share it in the comments below.

Untrained Hair Mom

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I’ve been reading up on natural teething remedies and I came across Baby Amber Teething jewelry. Baltic amber provides natural pain relief by releasing healing oils containing succinic acid. When the jewelry is worn the body warms it up and the succinic acid is released and helps ease pain.

Natural Remedies When Illness Strikes

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Sick In Bed
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Cold and flu season is upon us which is made abundantly clear by the barrage of commercials encouraging us to buy every cold and flu remedy under the sun. However, not all of us prefer to use the standard over-the-counter treatments when we fall ill.

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Natural Remedy for Eczema

When Baby Boy was just an infant he had some eczema patches on his face, they itched him terribly and he would scratch his face to the point of making it bleed. Sad smile
Since, he was so tiny I was hesitant to use anything on his sensitive face, I just tried to keep it washed and clean with a warm wet wash cloth, at that age all I used to bathe him with was water. Here is a photo of him that shows the irritated skin on his face. He was just 3 weeks old in this photo:

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Natural Remedies for an Eye Infection

Image Credit: Green Tea Information

Most of you know I’m big on natural remedies and herbal therapies. With so many adverse effects of medications, which contain chemicals that can alter brain chemistry and/or hormones, they usually cause more harm than good. If possible, I try to treat my children’s ailments naturally.

So, when D recently began to experience itchy, burning eyes, accompanied by drainage, it was no different. I put some sterile eyes drops in her eyes, then gave her a green tea bag that had been steeped and then cooled. D held the tea bag on one of her eyes, alternating eyes while she watched a movie (about 2 hours). Her eyes were no longer itching or burning and no longer had the gooey white drainage that had previously been present. The drainage and burning did return the next day, but we repeated the process and after a few days the infection was gone!

Tea leaves (any kind, including black, green and white) can relieve pain and clear the affected area of toxins. They are known to draw out infection and can be used for a number of things including:

· styes
· bug bites
· toothaches
· cold sore
· eye infections
· sunburns
· help sooth and heal sore nipples when breastfeeding

What are some of your favorite natural remedies?


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Disclaimer: The material on this web page is not intended to be prescriptive or to be construed as medical advice. Please see a medical professional about any health concerns you have.

Baking Soda for Hair, Skin and House Cleaning

Baking soda is one of those multi-purpose ingredients that I love! It is natural, non-toxic and can be used for in a number of ways! It’s good for hair and skin, can be used for cooking, cleaning and removing odors.

Hair and Skin
Baking soda is a good, non-drying cleanser for the hair and skin. It is especially useful in the summer months to wash hair that frequently visits the pool. To cleanse the hair simply mix the baking soda with water in a spray bottle, spray the hair down with the mixture once you’re though swimming, after a few minutes rinse it out. It gets the chlorine out, without drying the hair out like frequent shampoos can. And if you are a fan of essential oils, mix a few drops of your favorite scent with the baking soda before you add it to water. This is actually what I use to bathe my children with most of the time. It gets them clean, doesn’t have any harmful additives, and doesn’t dry out their skin. My daughter is old enough to choose the essential oil scent she wants to add, for my son I usually use one of the soothing, calming ones such as Lavender or Chamomile. The essential oils also help cleanse and moisturize.

Odor Neutralizer/House Cleaner
Many of us know the trick to keeping our fridges fresh…an open box of baking soda! Why not sprinkle some on the floor before you vacuum, rather than using those carpet fresheners with added ingredients that can pose health hazards. Again, if you would like a nice scent added to it, mix a few drops of an essential oil with it. Just add a small amount, let the baking soda absorb the oil and dry out it will still be in a powder form for sprinkling on the floor. To clean the kitchen, floors, bathrooms, etc. create a mixture of baking soda, white distilled vinegar, and lemon essential oil or lemon juice. Lemons and vinegar are all-natural antibacterial and antiseptics. This is a fairly cheap and easy way to naturally clean your house and to avoid having your babies crawling on floors and bathing in tubs that have been cleaned with harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and other cancer causing agents.

This next house cleaning tip does not relate to baking soda but I would like to share, I recently learned this one from my friend Good Health Diva. To dust and clean wood surfaces take olive oil, add some lemon and dust! That simple and all-natural!

What are some of the other ways to use these products? What do you all use to naturally clean your home with? And who else has summer hair care tips?

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Natural Remedy for Insect Bites and Natural Insect Repellent


bug bite remedy



Image credit

Summer is rapidly approaching, that means sunny days filled with the crystal clear water of swimming pools, thirst quenching lemonade and unfortunately for some of us, blood sucking insects and their gruesome bites.

I want to share with you our homemade, natural ointment to soothe and heal those bites. To create this ointment I use a natural massage oil GEL, which gives the consistency of an ointment, but you can use any natural oil or lotion that you have.

natural gel for bug bites

I put 2 oz of this gel into a container and I mix 10 drops each of:

  • lavender
  • citronella
  •  tea tree
  • patchouli
  • lemon

essential oils to equal 50 drops per 2 ounces.


lemon lavender tea tree



 Image Credit

A breakdown of benefits of these essential oils in relation to insect bites:

  • Lavender: the universal oil, used for calming, soothing and healing, and as an antiseptic
  • Citronella: insect repellent
  • Tea Tree: anit-virus, anti-infection, immuno-stimulant
  • Patchouli: anti-inflammatory, insect repellent
  • Lemon: astringent, detoxifying

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Sources: Aromatherapy Workbook by Marcel Lavabre


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