Hip Hop Dance Hairstyle Straightened Curly Hair

After our last cornrow hairstyle was taken down after 5 weeks it was time to prepare D’s natural hair to be straightened and styled for her dance recital. We washed, detangled, deep conditioned and heavily moisturized her hair with our favorite moisturizer, then we banded her hair in about 8 sections for a few days (2-3 days should be enough for the hair to stretch and dry depending on the thickness).

On the morning of the recital I took the bands out and began to straighten her hair with a flat iron. She wanted a hip hop dance hairstyle that would stay out of her face while dancing, so we:

  1. Parted and added 3 cornrows on each side
  2. Then ratted, poofed, hair sprayed and pinned up the front/middle section on her hair
  3. Pull up the back of the hair into a ponytail. This is actually 2 ponytails, 1 right under the other, but you can’t really tell that, again depending on the amount and thickness of the hair you might need to make 2 ponytails
  4. Finally we wrapped and pinned the braids around the ponytail

Hip hop dance hairstyle! pin now for laterdance hair

We did almost this same hairstyle a few years ago but instead of her hair being straight it was curly, see that tutorial here: same hairstyle with curly hair.

dance hair curly and straight

Each year everyone always seems to enjoying seeing her dance costumes so here they are:
hip hop dance hair

  1. Silver Costume Dance: “Bass Down Low”
  2. Football Jersey: “Monday Night Football”
  3. Ghoul Costume: Monster High “City Ghouls” / “Friday Lights, Big City” – See our full post on the Monster High City Ghouls Dance Costume, Make-Up and Hair


Cornrows, Braids and Box Braids: 2 Kids Hairstyles

Cute Easy Hairstyles

Today I am sharing a couple kids hairstyles that I have done recently on my daughter. These cornrows, braids and box braid styles are fairly easy (and cute), especially the first one I have for you.

kids hairstyle braids

How To:
1. Start with banded/stretched and moisturized hair. Part and cornrow 2 braids on the top/center of the head. Be sure to add a holding/moisturizing product so the style will last. My favorite is Bee Mine Curly Butter. I used that and Bee Mine Luscious when creating this style.
2. Make 2 small ponytails on each side of the cornrows, cross them over into a second ponytail to create the criss cross ponytail look, then braid or twist each ponytail.
3. Part out 4 equal ponytailed sections in the back and braid or twist each of them.

This next style was a little bit more difficult for me, I attempted some curving cornrows.
1. Start with banded/stretched hair, curve the parts for your cornrows (make the curves pretty drastic if you want the braids to appear even more curvy). I did 4 cornrows on one side of her head.
2. Create box braids on the remaining hair. Don’t forget the styling product!

box braids cornrows

This style was her back to school hairstyle this year. Check out these back to school hair ideas for more.

I hope you enjoy these styles. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and Pinterst.



Mo Plaits: Cornrow Braided Bangs Tutorial

cornrows braided bangs tutorial

What you will need for this hairstyle:
Rat tail comb (small toothed comb)
Spray bottle with water
Leave in conditioner, any leave in of your choice. We use African Pride Shea Butter Moisture Intense Leave-In.

Cornrow Braided Bangs

Cornrow Braided Bangs How To:
Step 1: Part hair from ear to ear.
Step 2: Section small parts from edge of part going forward towards forehead, and cornrow.
Step 3: Once all sections are cornrowed, gather them and braid them together, and use an elastic band to keep that braid together.
Step 4: Make another part going from ear to ear, but this part will be towards the middle of the head, in the rear.
Step 5: Once that part is complete, part sections the same size as the bang cornrow parts are.
Step 6: Once those cornrows are complete, the remaining hair in the rear will be your ponytails, take those braids and complete the hairstyle by putting the remaining hair and braids into the ponytails.

cornrows braided bangs tutorial

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Top Cute Hairstyles to Try

I have an ever growing list of the top cute hairstyles that I want to try on D. Some of these styles are from fellow bloggers and other are styles I’ve found here and there across the web while browsing for hair style inspiration…we all need it sometimes! Take a look:

creative cornrows

cage braid
Cage Braid by Keyative Styles

cute hairstyle for kids

Braided cornrows
Cornrows by Mainly Braids

Kids Braided Hair Styles

Yarn twists
Yarn twists by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

beads braids beyond updo
Updo by Beads, Braids & Beyond

willow smith heart hair
Willow Smith Inspired Heart Hairstyle by Mainly Braids

how to cornrow a heart
Cornrow Heart by Keyative Styles

hairstyles to try
Protective Style by Braid with Me

I would love to try pretty much any style by Braid with Me

mimi braids
Mimi Braids (not quite on her cornrowing level, yet, lol)

fauw hawk cornrow
Cornrow Faux Hawk by Love Your Girls Biracial Curls

pretty hairstyles
Source: naturallymeashley.tumblr.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest

keyative styles cornrows
Another Cornrow style from Keyative Styles

Elongated twist out with no shrinkage
Elongated Twist Out (How to get a twist out without the shrinkage) by KandLandKurls

braid bun

This is a friend of mine’s hair, I love how she did this.

Have you done any styles similar to these? Share your photo’s with us on our Fanpage! You can also find us on Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.

Visit these sites for more cute hairstyle ideas:


Disclaimer: The children in these photos are not mine and I did not do these styles. I have credited each photo to the website on which they were found.

Untrained Hair Mom

Curly Butter Braid Out + Bee Mine Black Friday Sale

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braid hairstyle

And now the Curly Butter Braid Out….
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Center Stage: Barbie


Name:Laina aka Barbie

Age: 8 yrs old

Hobbies: Barbie plays the Violin, she loves to sing and dance. And she loves having Movie nights!

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Recreated Style Entry #3

This style was done by Kim over at www.youcandoittoo2.blogspot.com, on her neice Diva:

This is a recreation of our Jumbo Beads and Braids hairstyle:
It’s not too late to enter our Recreate a Hairstyle Contest, so send us photos of the styles we inspired!


Crossed Braids, Finger Curled Ponytails Hairstyle

Cute Girl Hairstyles: Criss Cross Braids and Finger Curled Ponytails

cute girl hairstyles

For this style I made 8 small braids in the front and crossed 6 of them into 2 ponytails in the back. I finger curled sections of the ponytails and left 2 hanging braids on each side, to which I added some glow in the dark star beads.

cute girl hairstyles

cute hairstyles for girls
cute girl hairstyles
cute girl hairstyles

On day 2 of this style we went out to eat with some friends, D wanted to wear this white dress and added the white flower clip herself…pretty shappin’!!