Center Stage Hairstyles for Kids: Lailoni and Freddy

Hairstyles for Kids

African American Natural Hair Photo

Routine: As far as the kids I really don’t have a hair routine,  I don’t know what type or how to do it on an everyday basis.  Just starting to do braids on my daughter but not as good as I would like them to look just wanting them to grow.  And I’ve learned from other moms that I need to do something like braids to get it to grow.
Both kids love to model and act so when i take them on auditions I do have a routine.

Black girl with natural hair
Lailoni: I use the Kinky Curly Products.  I absolutely Love the way her hair looks and smells with this product.   First I use the Come Clean to get all the other products or buildup of dirt that might be in her hair.  After I rinse that out I put in the Knot Today to detangle any knots in her hair.  While that is in her hair I section off pieces and put the Curling Custard in.  After all of that, I let it air dry.

kids with natural hair afro

Lailoni Loves her Hair!! So glad because she didn’t always feel that way. She use to get made fun of at school….Kids can be so cruel….I was teased when I was younger because of my hair as well. Now that she’s older she says “I don’t care what other people think as long as I’m Happy”

kids natural hair care

As for Freddy… honestly all I use is Suaves Ocean Breeze Shampoo and Conditioner.  I wash his hair with the shampoo and than I put the conditioner in his hair and leave it in…. I don’t rinse it, I combed it while its wet and than let air dry.

Now Freddy wants to shave it all off and look like daddy.  He has a beautiful face when its pulled back and I know he’ll miss it.  Im just not ready.  He does love the attention it brings!!  People come up to the kids all the time and say “Love your Hair”

natural hair child

Center Stage: Tayden

biracial blonde hair blue eyes Who is this adorable boy with curls? Tayden is a very active 4 year old boy who loves sports, he loves to play everything from golf, soccer, basketball and gymnastics.

boys biracial curls
What do you use on his hair? I usually wash it every other day. I use Curls products, I use the Curly Q’s Curly Cutie Cleansing Cream (shampoo) and the Coconut Dream Moisturizing Conditioner. I leave the conditioner in until he is just about done in the tub, I then comb it in sections with the conditioner still in this helps with detangling. I then put in about a quarter size amount of Curly Q’s Curly Q Gel-les’c (jealousy) all over his hair this is a curl gel/shine serum with hold. I love this product because it keeps his curls nice and tight but not hard they stay super soft, it also helps with frizz control.  On the days that I don’t wash his hair I use the Curly Q’s Moist Curls Moisturizer this is a daily detangler and leave in/2nd Day Curl Refresher.  On these days I section out his hair in small sections and spray with a water bottle and Moist Curls detangler and comb each section, I then add a little bit of the Curly Q Gel-les’c in each section. Some days I will take his hair and twist little sections of hair this helps with keeping his curls tight and not frizz.

biracial blonde curls

cute boy hair styles Tayden

natural hair care for curly haired boys

african american with blonde hair

boys hair styles

natural hair care

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Center Stage: Mari

beautiful biracial curls

Name (nickname) Mari My’Angel
Age 4.5
Hair Type 3C

mini braids

About: Mari has been modeling since she was 13 months old. She has been involved in gymnastics since 15 months and ballet since age 2.

mari biracial diva

Hair Care Routine We wash once a week. We recently changed our styling product to Hair One for curly hair, which works as a cleanser, conditioner, detangler and leave-in.  We normally wash on Saturday and let her curls hang Sunday. If we decide to do a style we will style on Monday, then update our styles by Wednesday.  Mari loves to wear her hair down.

cornrows twists and natural hair care products

Favorite products:  Hair One, Organic Olive Oil Hair Pudding, Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Milk moisturizer, and Suave Professional almond and shea butter conditioner.

3c 4a hair types curls

Favorite styles: We love love love our curls. When were not wearing our hair down and out Mari loves to rock pig tails, and lots of different types of cornrows.

biracial hair care

cornrow styles

down and out styles biracial curls

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Center Stage: TeenyFab

Welcoming TeenyFab to our stage and here is her mom telling us about her hair.

photo (3)
TeenyFab’s Haircare Routine: we wash her hair once a week, normally Sunday night. We wash with Cara B hair and body wash, I normally leave it in for about five minutes while she plays then we rinse out and apply the Cara B leave in conditioner. Then, I comb her hair out with a wide tooth comb and do not rinse out the conditioner. I normally twist it her hair sections after her hair is combed out, she will sleep with her hair in twists and we style in the morning :) I’ve been doing protective styles on her since about December 2011, mainly twists since I can’t cornrow to save my life, lol. She has had a lot of new growth since we began the protective styling, her hair when wet or stretched it’s past her shoulders. [Read more…]

Center Stage: A from Mainly Braids

We’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus as of late, at least when in comes to posting, but behind the scenes we’ve been hard at work. Did you notice the new look? We’ve moved to WordPress! So, let us know…do you like it? Love it? Hate it? We want your suggestions.

Now, we are back with a Center Stage Feature from A, just one of the cuties, from the creative blog Mainly Braids. Blogger Shay share’s some exclusive photo’s of her daughter A and their natural hair care tips with us!!

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Center Stage: Baby O


This is Baby O and she’s 2, on the verge of 3! I wash her hair once a week, unless it’s been a rough day at daycare in the sand box. I also deep condition with things I keep in the kitchen (honey, avocado, coconut milk) and warm oil treatments (jojoba and olive oil) once a month. I usually make my own products, but I do use Kinky Curly Knot Today, for when the fairies have played in her hair and made a lot of tangles, and Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold and Shine Moisture Mist when I running out the door and need to spray her hair down with something. Her favorite styles are any that have accessories that make noise when she shakes her head. A close second favorite style of hers is her baby ‘fro and a big flower clip!

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Center Stage: Barbie


Name:Laina aka Barbie

Age: 8 yrs old

Hobbies: Barbie plays the Violin, she loves to sing and dance. And she loves having Movie nights!

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Center Stage: JJ

This week, rockin’ our stage, is JJ. JJ is the son of Tiffany from Diva Locks (Diva Do’s and Everything in Between), isn’t he adorable?

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