2013 Best of Fros on the Fourth Baby Big Hair Giveaway


Yesterday we posted a little recap of some hairstyles we’ve done for the 4th of July the past couple of years. This 4th of July we want YOU to submit your Fros on the Fourth Photos for a chance to win a Baby Big Hair Tee!

fros on the fourth

Fros on the Fourth aka National  Afro Day, founded by BlkOnyx488 on Long Hair Care Forum to encourage naturals to rock out “fro” styles and/or paraphernalia to celebrate the freedom and beauty of natural hair on Independence Day!

bbh tee

Baby  Big Hair presents the “Best of  Fros On The Fourth” kids natural BIG HAIR contest!! Celebrating the freedom of kid’s natural hair    everywhere, Baby Big Hair is calling for all  “frotos” in this one of a kind contest.  Let your Baby Big Hair celebrate Independence Day aka Nation Fro Day by proudly displaying their BIG HAIR! Share you "frotos’ with us via for a chance to win the ever so popular "Yes… It’s All Mine" Tee, sold exclusively at the Baby Big Hair Online Store. And for a shot a winning the grand prize!

CONTEST    DATE:  July    4th –    6th    -    Winners will be announced 7/7 and grand prize winner on 7/8.
CONTEST    TYPE: Instagram "Froto" Share
Prize:  One  (1)  “Yes, It’s All Mine”  Tee Shirt
*available in 12/24 Month Onesie, 2/4T, Girls XS   –   XL (some    limited    colors), and Youth Classic sizes S-XL
GRAND PRIZE: $50 GAP Gift Card


  • Follow @babybighairlife and @brookeuhm on Instagram
  • Post your Baby Big Hair’s July 4h Froto with the @brookeuhm and @babybighairlife   
    handles and hashtag #bestfroson4thBBH

  • The contest will run from July 4th thru July 6th. A winner will be chosen by Untrained Hair Mom on July 7th. The grand prize winner will be chosen by Baby Big Hair on July 8th.

    Please note:


    The Tee-shirt portion of this contest is over and a winner for our blog has been chosen. It was super hard to choose just one winner out of all the adorable entries submitted to us on Instagram. So, I called on D and Baby Boy to help! They each chose their favorite photo and I used random.org to chose 1 of the 2 photos they selected… and the winner of one Baby Big Hair “Yes..It’s All Mine” Tee is….

    frowinner collage

    Congrats! This photo will be entered into the Grand Prize pool for a chance to win a $50 GAP gift card!

4th of July Hairstyle Ideas + Bee Mine Sale

fourth of july hairstyles and bee mine sale

4th of July Hairstyle Ideas

A couple of years ago we went all out on a festive hairstyle for the fourth of July, complete with red, white and blue beads :) See our fireworks hairstyle for instructions and more photos. Last year we participated in “Fro’s on the Fourth” with 2 pig tail poofs (see more photos here). Not sure what we will end up doing this year.

What are your hair plans? Rockin’ the fro this fourth of July? Whatever you decide please share your pics with us on facebook, instgram (using @brookeuhm and/or #untrainedhairmom) or twitter!

Bee Mine Sale

Our absolute favorite natural hair care line, Bee Mine Products (see our many reviews on these wonderful products from over the years here) is having a HUGE 4th of July Sale.
Sale Details: Starting at midnight EST Wednesday, July 3rd through Saturday July, 6th at 11:59 pm you can save 20% on purchases over $20 by using checkout code UTHM4 at www.beemineproducts.com. Take advantage of this deal and stock up while you can!


I hope everyone has a great week and a safe and happy 4th of July!

Untrained Hair Mom

Cornrow Hairstyle Tutorial

Criss Cross Over Cornrow Hairstyles

Both of these cornrow hairstyles are similar and basically start off the same way. Your parts should resemble a pie or pizza.

hair parting diagram

criss cross cornrow hairstyle

(For steps 1-3 refer back to the hair parting diagram above)
Step 1: Part hair in four sections. (front to back, ear to ear) clip each section to keep them separate

Step 2: starting with the right front section and from the center point, I parted diagonal so that I had two triangles.

Step 3: I then split those two triangles in half from the center point making 4 triangles in that 1 section. Make sure you keep the 4 triangles separate.

Step 4: starting w/ the 2 triangles at the top make a set of criss crossed cornrows (if you’re not sure how to do that see our criss cross cornrow tutorial) going to the center of the head, w/ the bottom two make 2 regular cornrows going to the center of the head.

Step 5: repeat steps 2 & 3 on the left front section. Once top portion is complete, secure w/ an ouchless band.

Step 6: untie back right section and split into 4 triangles like we did on the top and just cornrow downward.

Step 7 repeat on the other side and accessorize as you like.

girls cornrow hairstyle

(For steps 1-3 refer back to the hair parting diagram above)
Step 1: Part hair in four sections. (front to back, ear to ear) clip each section to keep them separate

Step 2: starting with the right front section and from the center point I parted diagonal so that I had two triangles.

Step 3: I then split those two triangles in half from the center point making 4 triangles in that 1 section. make sure you clip the 4 triangles separate. (as shown in the diagram above)

Step 4: Make 2 sets of criss-crossed cornrows going to the center of the head in 3 of the sections(top, bottom left). with the bottom right section
make two sets of criss-crossed cornrows going downward.

Step 5: secure the cornrows going to the center into a bun on the top of the head. Accessorize as you like!


lashauna sig
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Lily and Beads Giveaway

lily and beads giveaway

We love accessorizing our hairstyles here at Untrained Hair Mom. We like beads, ballies, clips and bows. For this reason I am so excited to announce our newest sponsor Lily & Beads. Lily & Beads has a variety of fun, unique and pretty hair accessories. Headbands, flowers, beads, ballies… you name it they’ve got it!

Lily & Beads owner and founder, April, shares with us why she decided to open her accessories shop.

"We brought home our daughter from Ethiopia in 2010.  I had no idea what I was doing when it came to her hair (thankfully it was short) so I hit the internet to try and figure things out.  I found some great sites but discovered that when it came to finding the fun stuff like beads and barrettes there was nothing in my area.  So, I decided to start Lily and Beads."

April has put together a wonderful gift pack for one lucky Untrained Hair Mom reader!

lily beads hair accessories

Included in this giveaway pack is:
Turquoise Flower Headband
Purple Flower w/ Jeweled Center
Green Chiffon Flowers
Pink Assorted Bands
Pink & Clear Ballies
Pink Glow in the Dark Beads
Orange Tonal Beads- Large
Berry Beads
Pastel Daisy Barrettes
Multi Colored Bow Barrettes

Submit your entries on the Rafflecopter form below. For the photo submission option simply send in a favorite photo of your child’s "Accessorized Hair", this can be a photo of any hairstyle with accessories (beads, ballies, bows, anything!) include name/nickname and age of child. Photos will be watermarked, attached to the Lily & Beads Giveaway Banner, and shared on the Untrained Hair Mom FB fanpage. Send photos to brooke@untrainedhairmom.com with subject line: "Lily & Beads Giveaway"

This giveaway is open to residents of the US only and will run from May 27-June 6 .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Qoileez! Accessory Giveaway

I came across a unique item not long ago that I couldn’t wait to share with my lovely Untrained Hair Mom readers. Qoileez are a flexible plastic accessory that can be used in the hair, on pencils/pens, knitting needles and pretty much anything you want to accessorize.

hair accessories

Qoileez! are pretty nifty little items, they are about in inch long, they are made of soft plastic and fairly easy to apply to the hair and other things. They come in lots of pretty colors, too!


So, who is ready to win some Qoileez!? We are giving away 2 packs of 7 count Qoileez to 2 different winners. Each winner will receive 2 – 7 count packs of Qoileez! Leave a comment below telling us what you would do with your Qoileez , then enter on the Rafflecopter giveaway form. Good Luck!

You can see all the Qoileez!  color, design and pricing options on their website.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

School Photo’s and Family Portraits: Tips and Hairstyle Ideas

School Photo Hairstyle Ideas

D just recently had her spring photo’s at school made. I always struggle with how to style her hair for photo’s. I want her hair to be done and styled nicely, of course, but I also like her to look like her in the photo’s. She’s worn her natural curls, curlformer curls, classic pig tails and flat twists in previous years. This year I decided to do our favorite easy updo hairstyle.

School picture hairstyle

Past School Photo’s:

school photo hairstyles

I honestly almost skipped out on getting D’s solo school photo’s this year because it’s time for us to do another family portrait, but we’ve been putting it off. Does anyone else dread family photo’s? Have you skipped the family portrait in years past because it just isn’t worth the fight?

Family Portrait Tips

I know from experience that getting the entire family together for pictures can be worse than pulling teeth. The days leading up to the event can be stressful, and all you want is for people to see how happy your family is. I’ve learned to face the fact that there isn’t a family out there that is completely happy all the time. And sometimes the best pictures are the ones that show the reality of that moment in your lives.

-Think about hiring a photographer that doesn’t expect you to sit perfectly arranged in front of a white background. Take your family to the park or maybe a museum and get action shots of you all enjoying the day together.

-Sitting still with a fake smile is not fun for anyone, unless you are one of the rare that feels natural in front of the lens. It is rare to find an entire family of photogenic people. Cater your photos to your family’s needs and have fun with the shoot.

– Don’t spend a fortune on outfits for the kids and try to force them to wear clothes they hates. Instead use a coupon site to find coupon codes for stores that have outfits that will make them happy to be in front of the camera, or at least they will be happy to have something they will want to wear again. (And don’t forget our Bee Mine code to help you save on hair products: UHTMFALL).

Remember, it is a fact of life that very little goes as planned.  Acknowledge that pictures are meant to capture real life and if that still doesn’t sit well with you, be thankful that technology allows us to edit photos any way we choose, lol.

Have you had a bad “family portrait experience”? Got any other tips to add?

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Easy Cornrow Design Hairstyle Tutorial

Our contributor Mo Plaits is back with another hairstyle tutorial for us! This time it is a super cute and easy cornrow design of criss cross hairline plaits into ponytails.

easy cornrow design hairstyle


What you’ll need:
Spray bottle with water
Moisturizer (I used African Pride Moisture Intense Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In Conditioner)
Rat tail comb
Hair accessories

Easy Cornrow Design Hairstyle

How To:
Step 1: Part the hair directly down the middle of the head starting from the forehead down to the back of the head.
Step 2: Put one side of hair that has been divided into a ponytail to keep out of the way.
Step 3: Use your rat tail comb to section the hair for the cornrow {wherever you would like to start} for this style I started the part at the crown of her head and made my section down to her forehead, leaving about half-inch from forehead for the next braid.
Step 4: Take about a half-inch of hair from the hairline section, (if the hair around the hairline is too short or hairline has not grown in yet, please take larger sections to help nurture the hairline and not hurt the edges) and leave it out of the ponytail to be braided.
Step 5: Cornrow the section of hair from the crown down to the forehead, curving your cornrow into the next side where you left out the hairline section.. braid all the way down to the side burn hair.
Step 6: Once both cornrows are complete.. you can put them into the ponytails you’ve previously made and add some accessories to spice up the hairstyle!!

cornrow design

We hope you enjoyed our newest hairstyle tutorial, please keep an eye out for future tutorials!!! God bless!!

-Mo Plaits Don’t forget you can find Mo Plaits on Facebook for more creative cornrow designs and hairstyle ideas.

mo plaits sig

5 Easy Creative Natural Hairstyles

Easy Creative Natural Hairstyles

First, (before we get to these amazing and easy creative natural hairstyles) I want to give a shout out to our newest sponsor, Curly Princess Hair Boutique (take a look at their hair accessories, they are having a 20% off sale for the entire month of April!) and also to the maker of our favorite hair products Bee Mine, we’ve got a new reader discount code for you all, use checkout code UTHMFALL to save 10% on any order over $15, click here to go shopping (just be sure to come back and to see these hairstyles).

LaShauna of Nothing Unruly About These Curls has joined us once again to give us tutorials on 5 easy creative natural hairstyles for girls. If you missed her last 5 quick cute hairstyle tutorials, be sure to check them out. Now on to these hairstyles….

Style 1 – Rolled Pony Mohawk

This style took about 30 minutes.

Rolled Pony Mohawk Hairstyle Girls

Step 1: Part hair in half from ear to ear, tie off back half.
Step 2: Part front portion in half (from about the temples) so that you have 2 sections to ponytail. Secure both sections with an ouch-less band.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 on the back section of hair. you will then have 4 ponytails down the center of the head.
Step 4: Barrel roll each ponytail section down (using your fingers), you can also do buns if you like and secure w/ a bobby pin
Step 5: Add accessories or simply leave as is.

Style 2- 2 Small Braids into Pigtails

This style took about 15 minutes. It’s an easy style for toddlers & school age girls that can be done before school.

Easy cute girls hairstyle

Step 1: Split hair in half down the center from front to back. Tie off half so it’s out the way
Step 2: Part off a small triangle section in the front of pigtail and do a simple braid or twist.
Step 3: Gather the hair including the braid/twist and secure with an ouch-less band, then 2 strand twist/braid the loose hair.
Step 4: Repeat on other side. Then accessorize as you like.

Style 3 – Ni Hao Ki Lan inspired

This style took about 30 minutes.

Ni Hao Li Lan Hairstyle Easy Cute Style for Girls

Step 1: Part hair in half from ear to ear then tie off front portion to keep it out the way.
Step 2: Secure the back portion of hair with an ouch-less cloth band, 2 strand twist/ braid and secure with a barrette
Step 3: Part off a small section from the front, tie off.
Step 4: With the rest of the hair make a part in the center (front to back), create 2 pigtails. Since her hair was short I chose to just fold the loose hair in half and add a black ouch-less band. If your daughter has longer hair you can bun it or barrel roll down instead.
Step 5: Untie the small section in front and make a slanted part. Cornrow each section and add beads.
Step 6: Add flower shaped bows or barrettes to the front pigtails.

Style 4-Simple Ponytail Style with Beads

This style took about 45 minutes.

Girls easy twist hairstyle

Step 1: Part the hair in half from ear to ear then in half from front to back so that you have 4 equal ponytails. 2 in front, 2 in the back.
Step 2: Tie/clip off each section to keep them separated.
Step 3: Working with 1 section at a time, start with the front right section, make a slanted part starting from the center line slanting down towards the ear, secure with a rubber band in the center. Make another slanted part add the loose hair from the front ponytail,secure directly behind with a rubber band. Make 1 more slanted part adding the loose hair from section 2 secure with rubber band.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 for the other front ponytail to complete the top portion. For the back portion start your slanted part from the ear going downward.
Step 5: 2 strand each section and secure with a rubber band at the top center of the head.
Step 6: With loose hair make 4 equal twist/braids, add beads/barrettes.

Style 5 -Diagonal Parted Braids into Pigtails.

This style took about 45 minutes.

Cute easy braids twists hairstyle

Step 1: Part the hair from front to back slightly off centered. Leave about a 1-2in space(I used the inner corner of her eyes as my guide for spacing) and make another part from front to back.
Step 2: Tie off each side leaving the center free. Starting in the front making alternate diagonal parts to give you the separate triangle sections. Cornrow or braid (depending on how big the sections are) each section.
Step 3: Gather all the hair on the right, including the braids hanging down (keep them spaced),into a ponytail, secure with a band. With the loose hair, 2 strand twist down and secure with another band.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 on opposite side.

This it one of my favorite styles on her. It’s so eye catching and she got tons of compliments.

Looking for more quick, easy and cute hairstyles for girls? Try these!

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