Tween Hairstyle: Top Knot Straightened Curly Hair

We started this blog in 2011, D was younger then and I was just learning about naturally curly hair care and styles myself (hence the name “Untrained Hair Mom”). I was far from trained or skilled in the hair department, but that was part of the fun of documenting our styles and tracking progress. Since then my little girl has grown and we have gotten away from the cutesy little girl hairstyles that mainly fill this blog. So, we are working on posting hairstyles for the older girls, the tweens and pre-teens.

A couple of blog posts ago (in Hip Hop Dance Hairstyle), I mentioned that we straightened D’s hair for her dance recital. It is still straight and we are taking advantage of that and styling in different ways. D removed the braids and bobbie pins from the previous style and brushed her hair out with that handy Michelle Mercier brush (the blue one for course hair), they show them on TV but they have them at Wal-Mart. We just recently got it and it has worked well on her straightened hair, I know know what it will be like on her curly hair, but for now D loves it and brushes her hair with it all the time.

The other day we did the popular top knot hairstyle:

straight curly hair top knot

For this style simply gather hair from the top of the head into and ponytail then twist the hair around and secure with a ponytail holder.

tween hairstyle top knot

Top knot hairstyle on straightened curly hair:

top knot tween hairstyle

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Monster High City Ghouls Dance Costume, Make-Up and Hair

As promised in our hip hop dance hairstyle tutorial here is D’s Monster High “City Ghouls” aka “Fright Lights, Big City” dance costume, make-up and hair! This would be great for Halloween, too. The outfit is an actual dance costume ordered by her instructor from a dance company. I’m not sure which company, but with a google search you can probably find something similar or make your own cheaper version.

Wow! City Ghouls make-up, costume, hair - for Dance or Halloween. Pin now for later!

For “Ghoul” make-up on darker skin:
I took a foundation that was about 3 shades lighter than her natural skin tone and applied it to her face. I had some really light powder and also some white/vampire Halloween powder, you could probably just use one or the other but since I had both I put the light powder on all over and did some highlighting with the white. For lighter skin tones the white powder would more than likely be just fine.

monster high city ghouls costume

For the eyes I blended some grey, black and dark purple eye shadow on her eye lids and under her eyes for that “ghoul” dark circle under eyes effect. Then I went back over with just purple on her eyelids. The idea was actually “messy” make-up so I didn’t worry too much about it being perfect or the same on each side. We had black lipstick, which would have been great with this look, but D decided to stick with the red, which worked well for dance recital.
Monster High: City Ghoul costume/make up/hair perfect for dance or Halloween! Pin no for later!
Adding a “stitch/scar” and ratting the hair: These can be added anywhere using eyeliner. Some of the dancers added some on their faces or extended them on each side of the mouth. Oh and I also took her pinned braids and ponytail down in back, ratted it a little, (but not too much simply because we had straightened her naturally curly hair and she is wanting to keep it straight for as long as possibly and not deal with a bunch of hairspray/tangles, etc..), but the bigger/messier the better for this look. city ghoul costume make up
Finished product on stage complete with scary pose:

Monster High "City Ghouls" make-up, costume, hair - for Dance or Halloween. Pin now for later!
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Hip Hop Dance Hairstyle Straightened Curly Hair

After our last cornrow hairstyle was taken down after 5 weeks it was time to prepare D’s natural hair to be straightened and styled for her dance recital. We washed, detangled, deep conditioned and heavily moisturized her hair with our favorite moisturizer, then we banded her hair in about 8 sections for a few days (2-3 days should be enough for the hair to stretch and dry depending on the thickness).

On the morning of the recital I took the bands out and began to straighten her hair with a flat iron. She wanted a hip hop dance hairstyle that would stay out of her face while dancing, so we:

  1. Parted and added 3 cornrows on each side
  2. Then ratted, poofed, hair sprayed and pinned up the front/middle section on her hair
  3. Pull up the back of the hair into a ponytail. This is actually 2 ponytails, 1 right under the other, but you can’t really tell that, again depending on the amount and thickness of the hair you might need to make 2 ponytails
  4. Finally we wrapped and pinned the braids around the ponytail

Hip hop dance hairstyle! pin now for laterdance hair

We did almost this same hairstyle a few years ago but instead of her hair being straight it was curly, see that tutorial here: same hairstyle with curly hair.

dance hair curly and straight

Each year everyone always seems to enjoying seeing her dance costumes so here they are:
hip hop dance hair

  1. Silver Costume Dance: “Bass Down Low”
  2. Football Jersey: “Monday Night Football”
  3. Ghoul Costume: Monster High “City Ghouls” / “Friday Lights, Big City” – See our full post on the Monster High City Ghouls Dance Costume, Make-Up and Hair


Tween Cornrow Hairstyle

There comes a time when our little girls aren’t so little anymore and aren’t so into little girl things. D is now a tween and no longer into the beads and bows and cutesy hairstyles. She is also super busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on protective styles that can take some time to do. She has been doing her own hair from a few months now. She washes, conditions, detangles, moisturizes and even styles! Her styles are limited, right now, to ponytails, single braids and twists, but she is learning and doing a pretty good job. However, we have both gotten a little tired of the detangling sessions that ensue from her wearing her hair out/in ponytails all week long. So, we finally took the time recently to do some cornrows to give her a break from styling/detangling and me a break from hearing the gripes about it. 😉

tween hairstyle cornrows

A simple cornrow hairstyle that will hopefully last 3-4 weeks. We are currently going into week 3 and the style is holding strong, *Fingers crossed for 2 more full weeks*. She moisturizes almost everyday with our favorite, Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer, and wears her satin sleep wrap every night.

tween hairstyles cornrows

What hairstyles are your tweens into? I would love more ideas! Share them with us on our Facebook page. Until next time!




Cornrows, Braids and Box Braids: 2 Kids Hairstyles

Cute Easy Hairstyles

Today I am sharing a couple kids hairstyles that I have done recently on my daughter. These cornrows, braids and box braid styles are fairly easy (and cute), especially the first one I have for you.

kids hairstyle braids

How To:
1. Start with banded/stretched and moisturized hair. Part and cornrow 2 braids on the top/center of the head. Be sure to add a holding/moisturizing product so the style will last. My favorite is Bee Mine Curly Butter. I used that and Bee Mine Luscious when creating this style.
2. Make 2 small ponytails on each side of the cornrows, cross them over into a second ponytail to create the criss cross ponytail look, then braid or twist each ponytail.
3. Part out 4 equal ponytailed sections in the back and braid or twist each of them.

This next style was a little bit more difficult for me, I attempted some curving cornrows.
1. Start with banded/stretched hair, curve the parts for your cornrows (make the curves pretty drastic if you want the braids to appear even more curvy). I did 4 cornrows on one side of her head.
2. Create box braids on the remaining hair. Don’t forget the styling product!

box braids cornrows

This style was her back to school hairstyle this year. Check out these back to school hair ideas for more.

I hope you enjoy these styles. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and Pinterst.



Bee Mine Product Recommendations and 2015 Discount

Edited (Sept, 2015) to add: Updated Bee Mine Discount Code UTHM15, no minimum purchase!

I often get asked for product recommendations and suggestions. So, here is a quick list of our absolute favorite natural hair care products. I’ve tried A LOT of hair products on my daughter and these are by far the best for us. They are in the mid to high end price range for products, but you get what you pay for and these products are worth it. It doesn’t take much, so these products last… a little goes a long way.  You can check out our Hair Care Routine to see how and when we use these products.  Click the links for products below to read our more detailed reviews of each.  Use checkout code UTHM115 at to get 10% off these products when you order them. Smile

Bee Mine discount code 2015

Product Recommendations:

-Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo –This shampoo cleans and gets rid of build up naturally and gently without over-drying the hair.
Shampoo Bar  (same as above, I love it in bar form)
-BEE•U•Ti• FUL Deep Conditioner
Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer – This is an amazing moisturizer that truly hydrates the hair, it is a little on the heavy side, so if you or your child has thinner/finer hair that needs a lighter moisturizer you may want to go with the Deja’s Hair Milk.
Deja’s Hair Milk – This is a great detangler and moisturizer, it is by no means skimpy but it is a lighter consistency, more like a lotion than a cream. If you need a heavier, creamier moisturize go with the Luscious.
Bee Hold Curly Butter – This one gives a great hold that does not dry the hair out, makes those natural curls pop by defining them and controlling frizz and fly aways.
-Bee Mine Juicy Spritz – A refresher and moisturizing spray to freshen up styles and curls, smells amazing too!
-Hair and Scalp Moisturizer – This is an oil (can be in liquid or solid form is colder), it is great to massage into the scalp and to seal in moisture on the hair. I love this! If I don’t have any on hand then I simply use grape seed, coconut oil, castor oil or argan oil instead.

I hope you enjoyed this quick run down if products recommendtions, if you have any other questions feel free to use the contact form or hit me up on facebook. Now head over to and use checkout code UTHM15 this summer to save $$$!!


Learning to Cornrow Hair Takes Practice and Patience

Learning to cornrow hair takes practice and patience. It can be discouraging when a style you have in mind doesn’t turn out. I can’t tell you how many failed style attempts I’ve had. I tried learning to cornrow and gave up several times before sticking it out. I honestly thought I would NEVER get the hang of it.


I like to think I’ve come along way with my cornrowing skills since I first started learning, like this easy cornrow style I did in my beginning days, lol, it is apparent my skills were lacking, but I don’t mind sharing, because everyone starts somewhere and everyone needs practice and anyone can learn to do it. It was definitely a process and took a lot of practice, but I watched from others, learned from my mistakes, figured out what works best for me and practiced some more while applying the cornrowing tips and tricks I was learning along the way.

This was a great protective style I did last year. Simple straight back cornrows, 2 Ki Lan style cornrows down the sides of the hairline in front and small box braids in the back. The bottom right photo are the lose braids braided and twisted up into a bun:

braids and cornrows

Another cornrow style I did:

A cute and easy style incorporating cornrows:
See a tutorial for this cute and super easy hairstyle here and also see another way to wear this style.

My point of this post is to not give up, even when discouraged. You will learn and you will get better at cornrowing, it just takes a little lot of patience and practice. Start with these tips and once you get the hang of it try some of these cornrow styles. Good luck! and Please share your progress with us on our Facebook page.

Untrained Hair Mom

Deep Conditioning and Curling Heat Cap

I have seen the portable hood dryers that you can purchase online and from some beauty supply stores, I always thought they would be handy, but also maybe a little bit of a hassle. I don’t have a lot of room to store one and wouldn’t particularly like having to drag it out and set it up each time I’d need to use it. I found a great alternative, that is cheaper, easier to use and doesn’t take up much space. The Heat Cap.  The Heat Cap can be used as a heat source for deep conditioning and/ or hot oil treatments and over hair that is in curlers. I’ve used this cap for both.

Deep Conditioning with Heat Cap

Heat Cap
Deep Conditioning with Heat Cap

When using the cap for deep conditioning/hot oil treatments. I applied Bee Mine Beautiful Deep Conditioner covered her hair with a plastic bag (yes, I did), warmed the cap in the microwave and put it over the top of the plastic bag. I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then rinsed. Her hair was so soft and moisturized, the comb went through it like butter. The heat cap is an excellent heat source when deep conditioning or doing oil treatments.

Curlers with Heat Cap

Curlformers heat cap and curlers

When using the heat cap for hair curling, I prepared the hair by washing, conditioning, moisturizing, detangling and banding over night to ensure it was thoroughly dry. The next day I applied Curlformers, with Bee Mine Curly Butter in each section and then placed the warm heat cap over the curlers. (Don’t forget about our Bee Mine Reader discount code UTHMFALL for 10% off at The cap stayed on while D watched a movie and played her 3DS. Overall the curlers were in for several hours, I took them out just before it was time to leave for her dance recital. She had picture perfect curls!


I love the heat cap and am totally please with the results we achieved when using it. It is simple to use, easy to store and does not take up much room. You can learn more about the heat cap and purchase at:

*Update* I forgot to mention that typically when using the heat cap with curlers one just has to put the curlers in dry hair, heat the Heat Cap in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, wear the Heat Cap a few minutes, take it off,  let the hair COMPLETELY cool, then unroll the curls. Since the hair is already dry, you don’t have to wait for wet locks to dry out… This provide a quick way to curl the hair without all the heat damage of a curling iron. Since this was D’s dance recital hair and I was using Curlformers and was unable to tuck them all under the cap, I wanted to play it safe and leave it on as long as time would allow. :)

Untrained Hair Mom