6 Fast and Easy Hair Styling Tips for Busy Girls

6 Fast and Easy Hair Styling Tips for Busy Girls

Being busy is the epitome of today’s society. Even so, it is possible to have great looking hair no matter
how busy you may be. Hectic schedules often make girls forgo their beauty routines altogether. Even
the smallest change in your look however can drastically boost your confidence. Whether you are going
for a professional look or you prefer to keep it simple, here are 6 easy hairstyling tips that even the
busiest of girls can accomplish.

1. Braids are the go-to style for busy girls. Whether you like the sophistication of a french braidcute girl hairstyles
or you want to keep it simple and opt for double braids on each side of your head, a braid will
always give you an instant makeover look. If you are sporting a hat, try braids on each side   that
peek out from under your cap. A french braid will give you a good night look or something that
is perfect for the office. There are so many looks to be created with braids that you can literally
wear a braid every day of the week and never repeat the same look twice. Braids are perfect for
girls of all ages.

2. If you are looking to drastically change your look, consider a shorter do. Short hair gives you
an instant flirty look. Whether you like the bob look or prefer a pixie, you can never go wrong
with short hair. If you already have short hair and you are in a hurry to get where you are going,
simply dab some gel or wax into your locks and mix it up a bit.

quick hairstyles for girls3. Ponytails are another go-to style that busy girls just love. You can opt for the classic pony on the back side of the head or try something completely different and go for two ponies on each side. A ponytail with hair wrapped around the elastic band is the perfect choice for busy office gals
who simply do not have time to spend doing their hair. You can add a number of accessories to
dress up your look but however you wear it, a pony will never go out of style.

4. If you have longer hair in the front, take a small section from near the crown and backcomb it.
Add just a touch of hairspray and pull it back, securing it with a bobby pin or barrette. If you
want a really classy look you can create a small hive and pin it near the back of your head. This
style works best for longer hair but if you have shorter hair you can create your own version of
the hive, just with a bit less “poof”.

5. If all else fails and you simply have to get going without doing much with your hair, try a bun.
The bun is another classic look that will never go out of style. Buns are easy to create and can be
done in many different ways. Consider adding a braid around your bun or clip it together with a
nice comb. Whatever style you decide on, the bun is one of those easy dos that will always give
you a feminine look and feel.

// 6. Hair extensions can be purchased in any size, shape, color and practically anything else you
want. These make great choices when you need a little something but do not have to do style
your own hair yourself. Just add an extension and see what you can do with it. Extensions come
in a variety of colours so if you are really feeling daring, consider adding a bold streak of blue
or red in your hair. You can also purchase them in the colour of your natural hair and use them
whenever you need a little something special.

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  1. candice says:

    Love braids…everyday! Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Darcy says:

    I rarely see braids anymore at least not on adult women. I tend to go with a ponytail most of the time these days since I rarely have time to flat iron!

  3. Shelly Robinson says:

    I will definitely try some of these out on my hair, thanks! :-)