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Bee Mine Product Recommendations and Summer Discount

I often get asked for product recommendations and suggestions. So, here is a quick list of our absolute favorite natural hair care products. I’ve tried A LOT of hair products on my daughter and these are by far the best for us. They are in the mid to high end price range for products, but […]


Learning to Cornrow Hair Takes Practice and Patience

Learning to cornrow hair takes practice and patience. It can be discouraging when a style you have … [Read More...]

heat cap

Deep Conditioning and Curling Heat Cap

I have seen the portable hood dryers that you can purchase online and from some beauty supply … [Read More...]


Mother, Wife, Business Woman and Blogger: Doing It All

I usually don't get too personal on this blog, but when a recent questions was posed to me, I felt … [Read More...]


2013 Best of Fros on the Fourth Baby Big Hair Giveaway

Yesterday we posted a little recap of some hairstyles we've done for the 4th of July the past couple … [Read More...]


4th of July Hairstyle Ideas + Bee Mine Sale

4th of July Hairstyle Ideas A couple of years ago we went all out on a festive hairstyle for the … [Read More...]

ProFolla Silk Giveaway

That's right folks, another giveaway! Register for a chance to win a ProFolla Silk® Hair Products … [Read More...]


Cornrow Hairstyle Tutorial

Both of these cornrow hairstyles are similar and basically start off the same way. Your parts should … [Read More...]